Noctis Final Fantasy XV cosplay sword Tutorial

Not a really tutorial but ya know, you can look at how its made and what its made from!

So Materials-
  •  plaztazote foam 15mm for the bottom pieces & 9mm for the blade section & thin craft foam for details
  • contact adhesive 
  • pvc pipe - It was just over 1cm wide I think
  • wood dowel rod - gonna say it was an inch thick ? not too sure 
  • Plastidip or primer of choice for the foam
  • Glue gun
  • silver spray paint
  • black paint/ blue paint/gold paint
  • scalpel
  • sand paper

To begin of course as always, gather a million references. At the time of making there wasn't really that many good images I could get, to the point I had to play the demo and warp Noct around to get a good look at it. Theres a TONNE of stuff now tho.
After I had my images I drew out the sword to scale best I could, his is a lot bigger at the base in general but I made mine with suitcase size in mind so its a pretty small sword! You could always blow up an actual image of his sword and print it for more accurate patterns.

Next I cut the paper pattern up and divided it into easy to make sections. Each piece is a minimum of 2 layers of 15mm foam. The circular middle section has a hole cut in running all the way down to slot the pvc pipe in and the dowel, this is 3 layers thick. I then spent a good while carving the pieces and sanding them down until they were the right shape.

I cut two pieces of 9mm foam for the blade and sandwiched the pvc pipe down the middle.


Each piece was individually primed and then sprayed with black weathering last. Since the under layer was black it helped with adding depth to areas not quite covered with silver.

 I then glued the  individual sections to the central piece and hot glued in the dowel into it. I kept the blade separate so I could transport it in my suitcase and then slotted it in when I got to my location.
The Blue piece is also made from pvc pipe.

I added details with foam on top and then hot glued on some scribble for the text cause who knows what it says really eh heh (someone will definitely know!) Last step was adding more weathering and detailing bits & thats it!

 Ta da!

& bonus some Noct costume wip of jacket and glove. I've actually already worn this cosplay once but since I wasn't happy with the wig I will wait for a re-wear to reveal the whole thing, soon hopefully! Also this sword was made in like one weekend so its not great but ah it did the job for a day!

~Until next time!


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