Asuka Latex Catfish Plugsuit Costest & Review

It's here!

As previously mentioned in another eva post I have been looking into making/buying a plugsuit to cosplay in this year and this is the one I ultimately got! This suit is from Latexcatfish, I came across the site while searching for Eva suits on ebay which then lead me to their store.

I had considered making this suit but as I said before I found sourcing materials hard and it seemed such a huge undertaking and perhaps a little out of my skill set. That said though I probably would of still given the making ago had I not found this suit. I searched through many store bought cosplays but found the majority just didn't look quite right either by design or usually by the material choice. I knew latex would of course be one of the best materials for the suit since it should fit tight.

I by no means jumped in and bought this suit right away, for me it was very expensive and a lot to spend on something that I wasn't sure was going to look or fit right. I should note though that for what it is (a custom latex suit) the price is very cheap compared to other latex stores. I showed the site to my friends and in the end we all decided to order our suits from here, their suits (mari and rei) were already sold on the store. They currently sell 2 Asuka suits, her usual red suit and then a 'sexy' version of the same one. Since I preferred her 3.33 suit I set about asking if they could make that one for me instead. They sell a Mari suit that is similar in design to Asuka's and since you can chose any colour options you wish for the suit it was quite easy to change all the colours to Asuka's design and then add a few alterations.

When submitting my order you can request these alterations and then they will tell you if they are possible and at what cost. I sent this image with my order to demonstrate all the colour changes matched up with the Mari suit plus some changes I had taken from a different Mari suit (the design of the breast plate) to combine together. They charged me 10USD for these changes.

Obviously some things are still not entirely accurate with a lot of the pattern in the wrong place but I figured that those types of changes would involve actually altering the pattern cutting of the entire suit so I tried to keep all the alterations simple and from pre-existing designs so nothing would have to be re-patterned. I'm sure if you did want to make big changes latexcatfish would do it but then the cost would likely be much higher. My Rei also requested changes on her suit which also cost her 10USD.

I placed my order at the beginning of  February, it estimates 43 days to make a custom suit which would take me to mid March, I emailed at the end of March as I had not heard any updates on the suit, they replied a few days later in April to tell me my order had been shipped via DHL. It was sent on the 3rd and arrived on the 7th so super quick shipping! I had actually paid for the slower shipping option but I think my order was bumped up to the quicker shipping as they were slightly delayed in the making process, something similar happened with my Rei who ordered a month before me.

The suit arrived in a plain white box and to my joy I did not get any custom fees which was the biggest fear for all of us. The suit comes in a plastic sealed bag and is finished with powder (they recommend this if you are new to latex garments as there is a lot of important care tips involved with it, I highly recommend that you read all the faq's and further reading on latex before you buy as its not as straight forward as a lot of other materials! Latex can be damaged very easily!)

Next up was trying it on! I had talc powder ready to help me but since I have purchased a dressing agent from pjur which helps much better. I'm pleased to say it fits me perfectly! If you're not familar with latex its not going to feel like the most comfortable thing but it's to be expected. Mine is a little tight around the neck but I found on the second wear it is all much looser. I have noticed it is much looser around the legs but I don't think this is something that can be helped.

Overall I'm super happy with it, they have followed all my alterations perfectly bar one (neck collar edge is wrong colour) but that is something I can hopefully fix myself. I think it looks great and the customer service were very friendly and helpful when I spoke with them. I think even though it took longer than expected I am still really happy with it and I think it was a reasonable amount of time to wait. I plan to order with latexcatfish again soon.

I'll update this with close up shots and final cosplay images when I get them!


  1. hi there!
    super love your cosplay and it looks amazing! i was looking into buying from the same store as you did but im finding the measurements and the ordering process rather intimidating. could you provide a super quick explaination as to the process of ordering the measurements? thankyou so much :)

    1. Hey Kim,

      It was a while ago now since I ordered and I can't seem to remember my login but they have a box you can click to view how it is done, its a little tricky to find but its in the box below the 'add to cart button' on a product page - if you click 'made to measure help' a box will pop up explaining how to do it.

      It basically goes along the lines of filling in a form under the 'person's' link in your account to your custom measurements, and then the next time you go back to the item page and click the drop down size menu you should see the standard S M L etc sizes and then also your custom one listed as however you labeled it.
      I'd recommend as it says getting a friend to measure you and filling in a form with them rather than doing it alone! After that everything else should be pretty straight forward, just pick your colour alterations and finishes!

      Hope that helps, good luck :)

    2. thankyou so much for your help!
      ill be sure to share your cosplay!