Neon Genesis Evangelion Pen Pen Tutorial

Since I was making a Misato cosplay for midlands expo which only really required making a jacket I decided to give making a plushy ago and to make my own pen pen to take with me! 

Here's how I made him, this is in no way the 'right' way to make a plushy ahha. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to draft a pattern and measure things. We don't do any of that round here /sweats/

To begin I made a block of foam, yup. This is upholstery foam, I got a roll of it for about £7, I didn't use all of it though and in the end I didn't need it since I stuffed him with proper stuffing. If you can draft a pattern you can avoid this step entirely.

Then I pretty much sculpted it into his body shape. I used pictures of him as reference but also previously made plushys as I knew it was going to be way too hard to make a super accurate one when I have no experience. The beak I made there is just tacked on to check the size of his eyes.
Next I added the wadding to smooth him out and then pinned thin cotton sheeting all over him. I drew on this and it became my 'pattern' piece. This was to help me cut accurate pieces of fleece later.

 You can see a piece of the pattern on the above image, I'm missing images of the whole thing covered, but its basically pinning it until its taut and then drawing on the design. Once happy I took it off and cut out my black section from fleece.

Then I sewed it together. Then I removed the other pattern piece and cut the white bit from fur. I also cut some for his eyes.

I glued the white bits on with hot glue, overlapping the black edges on top. I re-enforced this with hand stitching later.

Next was his beak. I used polymorph for this which is a plastic with a low melting point so you can melt it in boiling water and then mold it. Be careful! Obviously it can be very hot at first. I created a line with a tool where his beak splits, in the end it doesn't really show on mine so I'd make the grove a lot deeper if you did this.

I covered the beak in a thin microfleece and glued it on.

Next I cut double layers for his..eyebrows? anyone with penguin knowledge what are those called? defo not eyebrows haha! Then I glued those on too.

Next up I drew the line for his mouth and added some more fleece details. I made his eyes from fleece too but I ended up remaking these several times since I wasn't happy with them (so they will probably look slightly different in every image after this! ha)

At this point I removed the massive block of foam and changed it to actual polyester stuffing so he was squishy and cuddly! I then attached his wings and added some claws.

For his feet I cut feet shapes out and sewed them inside out then onto his body. I also sewed his butt up and completely forgot he is missing a tail oops...

His back pack was also made from fleece though I don't have any photos of it specifically. I made the front piece the same although I had planned to make the 'PEN' plate from ploymorph so I could carve in the details but I ran out of time :/ Instead I had to draw on the fleece with a pen, it was really difficult and I did this about 7 times!!

That's him pretty much finished though and ready for the con! (after changing his eyes again....)

Here's some shots of him at the con!

Found another pen!

With puppycat!

With cap!

Happy family

He spent the day in the arms of this guy though! ;)

- Roo


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