Pinky Paradise Lens Review 50% Black Friday

A while back around Halloween time Pinky Paradise were offering a crazy discount on their lenses via various codes given to instagram users, since I'm really active on instagram I was able to pinch a code (Ty Jean_tb!) and club together with my friend Thelostgirl5 to order some lenses.

I thought it'd be appropriate to do this review now since we got 50% off during that offer and pinky is currently doing 50% off lenses at this point (until Dec 9th!) so if there are any lenses listed here theres a chance you could get them 50% off now too! :)

I think we initially ordered 8 lenses but received an email stating that some lens colours 'could not be matched' and so we had to change some of our order. Pinky handled this very quickly however so we were able to swap some of our lenses. Each pair of lenses comes with a cute macaron case

These are the lenses I got:

Princess Pinky Cosplay Corunus

Since it was near halloween this seemed like a good choice! I ended up wearing one lens combined with another on Halloween to give a really creepy look ;) These are available in prescription.

Both me and Thelostgirl are wearing the Venus Eye Wine Red (in my right eye)

Next up are these Venus Eye Aqua lenses.

I was really excited for these since they were one of the main reasons for placing my order. As you can see I used them to costest Sosuke Yamazaki from Free! Eternal summer :) Sadly since its winter - good lighting is far and between so the colour is quite hard to show but they really are true to the stock image. These are now some of my most favourite lenses.

Next up are the GBT Green Lenses.

Originally I was after the New Adult Green lenses but there were some stock issues with those. I got these to replace some other green lenses I had that were a bit past it.

I don't have many pictures of these yet unfortunately since a costest has not presented itself so this random selfie will have to do. Although I really wanted my original choice I actually really like these. They look really natural and felt the most comfortable in my eye.

I'll update when I can with a much much clearer pic of these!

The last pair I got were these 

These were by far the lenses I was most excited about. I ordered them for part of my lightning cosplay. Sadly they didn't arrive in time and also one lens was ripped when I got it but pinky sent me out a replacement right away phew!

As before I haven't been able to use them in a costest yet but I definitely plan to wear these when I next do lightning. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and these are by far my favourite lenses. The pictures really don't show just how lovely these are. 

And thats it for my lenses so far. Overall I'm really happy with the comfort and colour of all of them. I'm also really pleased with pinky's customer service since they were always quick to reply and sort out our issues quickly.
 Hopefully I can update these images with proper cosplay pics soon to really show off the colour of them :)