DRAMAtical Murder Artbooks Review and Hobby Search

My DRAMAtical Murder artbooks arrived yesterday *queue heavy breathing* and my goodness they are amazing! 

I ordered both of these from Hobbysearch and I'm so suprised with how quickly I got them. I ordered them on May 20th, they were shipped on the 22nd and I got them yesterday which was the 7th of June, not to mention I chose the cheapest/slowest shipping method. Hobbysearch offer tracked EMS shipping or SAL untracked. I would of preferred registered SAL (in fact I even emailed to ask if they would do this but they said no, hah) but I needn't of worried as they both arrived quickly and safely.

I've taken quite a few pictures of the content so you can take a peak! I've found them really handy so far for cosplay purposes as it can be a pain finding full body shots online. Both books as you might expect contain 18 rated content (of course the majority in re:connect) but they're both really nice, my favourite parts are the first couple pages of each book which have full page art works that you don't see when playing the game (though can be found in the extras section of the game).

These cost me around £40 altogether with shipping, each book being around £15 which I think is a super steal! I did quite a hunt for these books (yesasia,CDjapan,nippon,ebay....I looked at them all!) with varied results, the easiest place for me usually is ebay but these come up as £60 or more each! I also considered that I might be able to find them at a Comic Con or convention but it seems unlikely for now, perhaps when the anime comes out they will be more readily available in the UK.

Of all the sites I have to say Hobbysearch also came out top for having the largest range of DRAMAtical Murder merch I could find, (except of course the offical Chiral shop which I can't begin to fathom how I'd order from) other sites either didn't have them or just one book and not the other, or the shipping would be ridiculous. I was concerned originally that I'd get charged customs for these but decided I wouldn't mind as I really liked them, in the end though I didn't get any charges which is great!

I'm super happy with both books, I'm a big artbook fan in general so these will go nicely with the others I own! I'd probably use hobby Search again too!