HoneyColor Contact Lens review

I've been after some coloured prescription lenses for a while and not had much luck in the UK (note to self, never ever ask specsavers again- rude!) Many friends suggested I try Pinky Paradise and Honeycolor. I went on both sites and found they are very similar and often sell the same lenses. I ultimately went with Honeycolor this time as they had a buy 2 get 1 free offer on lenses.

I ordered some Grey ones for Mikasa and some Pink ones for a Momoi cosplay. The free pair I got where also Grey which I was quite happy with.
I had some timed-out mishap with my order so for some reason I wasn't originally charged shipping, but I was contacted quickly and it was fixed within 2 days. The lenses came very quickly and I wasn't charged any custom fees for them.

They arrived in a box so they were very securely wrapped and then each pair of lenses were packaged in smaller boxes, which I was very impressed with. The boxes also have instructions on how to wear the lenses. As with Pinky Paradise I received free lens cases which are super cute and very handy!

On to the lenses themselves-

Heres the stock image and then on my eyes. My natural eye colour is kind of light brown which you can still see with these lenses, that said I really really like how these look. They are circle lenses so they make my eyes a little bigger but only slightly. These are probably my favorite pair of lenses, the below images show them indoors near natural light.

And these are the pink lenses

I don't have many decent pictures of me wearing these as Momoi, I put them in for a Koujaku test randomly (closest thing I had to red!) so you can kind of see how they look. In the top image and below I'm by natural light. The bottom Koujaku image shows them in artificial light. They look different depending on the lighting, often they appear pretty pale looking.
While I do like them I think they look a little scary at times because they're so pale!

I don't have any images currently of the free grey pair I got as I've never had to use them yet but once I do I'll be sure to add some photos!

Comfort wise- they were fine, the lenses are thin and don't bother my eye when wearing them. All the pairs I got are yearly disposables so the price point is also very good (Each pair is around 22USD)

In all I'm really pleased with the lenses I got and honeycolors service, I will definitely be ordering from them again :)